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BenefitNet is an InsureTech online platform for modern insurance brokers and insurers. Our solution helps you to better acquire, retain and serve your customers through a digital proposition and interactive experience

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The Platform

Streamline, automate and centralise your employee benefits schemes all in one place.

Clients can access key policy information about their employee benefits schemes, servicing of their policies, reports and much more via BenefitNet. This leads to increased client satisfaction and quicker turn around times.

BenefitNet increases brand loyalty by providing a digital experience that is unique in the market. Renewal rates are higher with customers using the platform.

The solution offers operational effectiveness by the automation of time consuming and manual tasks. This allows your operations team to focus their time on higher priority work and handle more clients with the same staffing levels.

Your sales staff can utilize BenefitNet as a Unique Selling Proposition and a key differentiator of the overall value proposition. In a price driven market a digital USP supports new business acquisition without driving down commissions/fees.

BenefitNet allows cross sell to members via the members portal of additional risks such as home contents, car, life or medical products.

The platform captures vital business information and allows brokers and insurers access to key insights and customer behaviours. With data being the gold of the 21st century, data capture and analysis is vital for any modern organization.

Engaging Customer Experience

Key Platform Features

Centralised Policy Member Management

Policy details and member data including members’ personal documents are all consolidated and easily accessible in BenefitNet. Store all your policy and member census information in one, safe place.

Census Management Automation

All census changes such as addition, deletion, changes of policies, and more are tracked in the system and measured against Insurer SLA’s in BenefitNet. This gives you visibility and clarity on which stage the request is at in the overall process.

Real-Time Reporting

The platform offers real-time reporting which provides valuable insights into member demographics, reimbursement claims, invoicing transactions and much more.

Integration with Insurers

BenefitNet automatically integrates with insurer platforms and portals. The system provides automatic data conversion to insurer’s data formats without your team having to spend time manually converting or inputting it.

Premium Calculations

The platform automatically calculates the premium for new member additions, deletions, member movements, updates of personal details, and more as per your plan set-up.

Claims Management Automation

The platform allows tracking, management, and reporting of member claims. Members can easily submit the claims via the member portal or our app and BenefitNet provides automation for claim adjudication.


Clients who love our

'In working with our excellent long-time partner Teambase, the original incarnation of the BenefitNet solution has enabled us to lead the Health & Benefits broking market with an industry leading solution and the evolution to BenefitNet 2 which we launched in February 2021 has enabled us to remain at the forefront of our sector and continue to grow business.'

Carol D’Souza
General Manager, Health & Benefits Al Futtaim Willis Co. LLC

'Through the continuous development and investment of dedicated resources behind the project, the system has enabled Lifecare to digitally transform our operations as it allows our team to centralize, streamline and automate some of our back-office processes. This has led to increased client satisfaction, quicker turnaround times and most importantly a higher rate of client retention.'

Lifecare International

Our in-house operations were transformed by Teambase. Our client intelligence is now arranged systematically, allowing us to gain more meaningful insight than ever. By working to understand and adapt to different insurer norms, Teambase’s platform BenefitNet makes navigating differing requirements easy; and the in-house training provided to my staff by the Teambase personnel was comprehensive and exemplary.’

Richard Broderick
General Manager – Employee Benefits, Holborn Assets

‘The solutions in which we have adopted as a business with our partner Teambase, has made our operations teams more effective by automation of manual tasks that had been causing a strain on our TATs with our clients. We have found that since starting our digital transformation journey with Teambase, operationally we are handling much more clients with same staff levels.’

Alan Westhead
Health & Benefits Leader, Willis Towers Watson

'With BenefitNet our clients have access to key vital information about the policy schemes, premium information, and reports all in real time as well as the ability to perform various requests that flow straight to the insurer, we have found that this has led to increased client satisfaction, quicker TATs, and most importantly higher rate of client retention.'

Stephen MacLaren
Director Corporate Solutions,Seven Insurance Brokers.
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