Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How can BenefitNet help or support my business?

BenefitNet can help you retain existing customers and attract new ones by providing a digital client self-service experience. The system will also assist and support your operations team by automating time consuming, manual tasks and provide operational efficiencies. You can also use BenefitNet as a value-added proposition and unique selling point for future RFP’s.

How long does it take to set-up or launch BenefitNet for my business?

We will work alongside your team to determine a roll-out approach and timeline that is comfortable for you and your team. However, a typical guideline is approximately 6-8 weeks to launch BenefitNet.

Who provides BenefitNet training for my team?

Our project managers will collaborate and work with you to prepare a training schedule that suits you and your operations team. Training can be conducted online or in-person depending on you and your team’s preference.

What if I want to make a change or require customization to BenefitNet?

Our product manager will collaborate with you in documenting and discussing the change/customization in detail and then collaborate with the internal technical team to provide a guideline of the time and cost required to implement the change.

How do I arrange a detailed product Demo of BenefitNet?

Simply Reqest a Demo here in order to arrange a detailed product demo with one of our product managers. A product manager will then reach out to you to schedule the demo at your convenience.

Product Pricing

How much does BenefitNet cost?

There is an initial once-off Training & Implementation fee and then a monthly fee thereon afterwards. We provide tailored pricing based on the size of your organization and your requirements. We operate using a SAAS model.

How do I get a quote for BenefitNet?

Reach out to us via our Contact Us page and we will prepare a quote for you.

Still no Luck?

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